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What Causes Furrowed Brows?

What Causes Furrowed Brows?

Forehead wrinkles can be caused by many different factors. We can control to a degree some of these factors that can help create them but other factors are more difficult to control. The following are some of the main causes of forehead wrinkles:

  • Age – As we age, skin can dry out and become less supple.
  • Genetics – As with heart disease, green eyes or height, genetics can play a role in the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Free Radicals – Free radicals can rob the skin of electrons causing damage to the skin cells.
  • Collagen Loss – Loss of collagen can lead to decreased support of the skin.
  • Environmental Exposure – Exposure to the sun can cause thinning of the epidermis. Exposure can also cause a breakdown of collagen at a faster rate in the dermis.
  • Smoking – Nicotine leads to a narrowing of the blood vessels which can reduce the amount of oxygen and nutrients that can be delivered to your skin.
  • Exposure to Second-Hand Cigarette Smoke – Cigarette smoke creates a loss of elasticity and can create sagging.
  • Facial Expressions – Being expressive can cause the skin and muscles in your face to be used more often, which can loosen the skin.
  • Unhealthy Diet – The skin requires the appropriate amount of vitamins, nutrients and fluids to remain healthy. Skipping meals or eating unhealthy foods depletes the skin of these vitamins and nutrients.

What are the types of wrinkles?

There are two basic types of forehead wrinkles. The most common are referred to as forehead rows. Forehead rows are the lines that run horizontally across the entire forehead. This type of wrinkle can leave one with the appearance of a constant surprised look on their face. Another type is referred to as Glabellas lines. These are also known as frown lines or the elevens. They are called such as they have a resemblance to the number eleven between your eyes and appear mostly when people frown or furrow their brow.

What types of treatments exist for forehead wrinkles?

There are many different treatments available for forehead wrinkles. Some are as simple as better diets involving more fruits and vegetables and staying out of the sun. Quitting smoking and staying away from locations where you would find yourself surrounded by second-hand smoke can also help. Drinking an adequate amount of water on a daily basis can also keep the skin hydrated and help to keep forehead wrinkles from appearing. There are also more invasive procedures such as facelifts and Botox. However, the easiest option to reduce forehead wrinkles or keeping them from appearing may be as simple as wrinkle creams.

Wrinkle creams which include amino acids such as keratin, valine, tetra-peptide 7 and tryptophan can help decrease forehead wrinkles. These amino acids help to create more elastin and collagen, which helps to create a firmer skin, giving a smoother appearance.

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