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What Are Some Tummy Tuck Disadvantages?

What Are Some Tummy Tuck Disadvantages?

When looking into getting a abdominoplasty procedure, it is natural to dwell on all the ways the procedure is going to improve your life. You will look amazing in your bikini, you will be less self-conscious, you will look like you did when you were 18, and you will blow your husband away with how beautiful you look. However, it is important to spend as much time thinking about the disadvantages of a tummy tuck as you do the advantages, in order to have a clear head when making the decision to go through with an elective cosmetic surgery.

Many women have trouble losing weight in their abdominal region no matter how many sit-ups they do, or how far they run, or how many days they eat nothing but broccoli. Getting a abdominoplasty is a quick fix to get the flat, toned stomach you have been dreaming of since you had your last child. However, that is exactly what the tummy tuck procedure is, a “quick fix”. When women lose weight the old fashion way, through exercise and dieting, they create a routine for themselves; a habit that they must stick with everyday to keep the weight off.

However, when women (or men) get a tummy tuck, they are getting the results of month’s worth of exercise and dieting, overnight! They skip the step of creating a healthy exercise and diet routine, and often times this has negative consequences on their bodies after the surgery. You have to commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle post-surgery to get the most benefits out of your surgery.

First of all, patients must adhere to the guidelines given to them by their surgeon to ensure that their body has time to heal properly. Even when patients follow all of their doctor’s instructions, complications can arise, such as infections. A disadvantage of the abdominoplasty surgery is that there is essentially no way to predict how your body will react to the surgery. The surgery could possibly produce extensive scarring, depending on how your body reacts and how you take care of yourself post-surgery.

In addition, patients who have undergone, or are thinking of undergoing an abdominoplasty have to remember that exercising and having a healthy lifestyle are crucial to maintaining the sculpted, toned look that was achieved through the tummy tuck.

What Are Some Tummy Tuck Disadvantages? Additional Information

Another disadvantage to the tummy tuck procedure is that most insurance companies don’t cover the costs of the procedure because it is elective. Patients will have to do some serious thinking about how invested they are in the tummy tuck surgery, because it not only poses physical risks, but it is a large financial investment.

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