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The Non Surgical Face Lift – Benefits of the EMS Technique

The Non Surgical Face Lift – Benefits of the EMS Technique

The desire to look and feel younger is prevalent across much of society, hence the growth in popularity of cosmetic surgery during recent decades. However, as the price of cosmetic surgery is still relatively high there is an increasing portion of the market that caters for those that want to look younger without going under the knife. One of these market sectors is the non surgical face lift. Methods vary from the use of Botox to thermage skin tightening.

One of the increasingly popular non surgical face lift methods is the EMS variety. Essentially this works by applying small, and gentle electronic stimulation to the skin which in turn stimulates the muscles underneath. According to research the facial muscles are some of the few in the body directly linked to the skin. This is why when facial muscles start to deteriorate with age they lose the ability to support the skin, subsequently causing wrinkles and sagging.

Whilst it may sound an extreme form of non surgical face lift, running an electric current through the face, most users report that the sensation is a small tingling that in many cases has been found to be relaxing rather than painful. This form of treatment has regularly been used to stimulate facial muscles, however it is only in recent years that it has become an element in cosmetics; in the first instances it was used by medical professionals to treat patients suffering from facial palsy. It was from these early uses that technicians started to note the improvements the treatment had to skin tone and texture, eventually realising the benefits this could have within the cosmetic industry.

Today the non surgical face lift treatments have come on leaps and bounds from the early experiments with palsy patients. EMS technology is now one of the standard forms of treatment, having been used within the medical and cosmetic spheres for over forty years.

Today the non surgical face lift industry is considerable; EMS technology forms a small part of the business but is rapidly growing a large market share. The reasons behind this growth in popularity are the major benefits; the gentle way in which it stimulates facial muscles, the way in which it enhances circulation in the face and finally the way in which it rejuvenates complexion and skin tone.

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