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The Face Lift for Busy People

The Face Lift for Busy People

After looking at before-and-after photos of patients who have had a face lift, you start thinking that this is something you want for yourself. Problem is, how do you squeeze in the several weeks required to fully heal before you can get back to work? No doubt many busy women who want to rid their faces of wrinkles and sagging tissues are quite turned off by the longer downtime standard face lifts require. If you are one of them, don’t fret: Boutique S Lift is a special type of face lift that will take care of this for you.

Boutique S Lift is a minimally invasive procedure that provides significant results in just as little as seven days. How is this possible? Boutique S Lift, sometimes called a Stitch Lift, results in less skin damage because the skin is excised before dissection of the deeper tissues. Compared with standard face lifts, the surgical incisions of a Boutique S Lift are much shorter and these are only made in your temple and in front of your ears. There will be no visible scars behind your ears and along your hairline. The procedure generally takes only three hours to complete.

Despite its apparent simpler technique, the Boutique S Lift provides wonderful results – rejuvenating your face and upper neck by tightening sagging tissues of the cheeks, chin and neck. The adage “less is more” is definitely true with Boutique S Lift: You will look younger and refreshed at a fraction of the cost and recovery time of a traditional face lift. And you will look this beautiful for up to 8-10 years!

Younger women and men who look prematurely aged or those whose faces have minimal wrinkles and saggy appearance will benefit the most from a Boutique S Lift. The change is not drastic, like something you would expect from a standard face lift. Since the results look more natural, your friends are less likely to suspect that you’ve had a face lift. It’s more like you’ve paid more attention to your appearance recently by eating all the right foods, getting sufficient rest and exercise, and dealing with stress better. We can even say that a Boutique S Lift provides a lovely natural glow akin to that of people who are in love: There’s an unmistakable serenity and happiness that emanates from your face.

You can still look your best despite a packed schedule and ‘thinner’ bank account. A Boutique S Lift is the way to go!

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