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Smooth Skin After Liposuction – It Is True?

Smooth Skin After Liposuction – It Is True?

People undergoing liposuction often have questions like will the skin around the area where liposuction is done become smooth after the process? This question is very pertinent as when you go for liposuction, you are clear that you want properly sculpted body parts without any part of the skin dangling. Yes, smooth skin after you have undergone liposuction is possible, but it depends on a few factors.

Factors on which the smoothening depends

The 1st factor, which determines, whether the skin will become smooth or not is the elasticity of the skin. Generally, after the surgery is done, the skin retracts and falls on the layers of tissues, so that you get smooth skin. At times, however, if your skin is very loose from the beginning itself, problem might arise as to its re-draping on the tissues, leaving sagging skin in the area where liposuction is performed. Poor skin quality can be a huge source of skin looseness, which might also lead to poor healing procedures. On the other hand, if your skin is elastic by nature, then it can easily recover into a proper shape, and give you a smoother skin.

The 2nd factor is the type of liposuction procedure you have chosen. Since there are variety of procedures in which liposuction can be done, each one has different reactions. There are certain procedures that are better than the others and assure better results, which are known as superficial liposuction procedures, which are generally done after the liposuction is performed. Superficial liposuction is of 2 types. First is skin excision and the other is using laser. In case of skin excision, small portions of skin are cut to lessen drooping. This can also include wearing the compression garment that helps you to retain flexibility.

The 3rd factor is how you prepare your body before the surgery. With regular exercise before the surgery, you can gain more elasticity for the skin to shrink back. In case of obese people, they are first made to lose weight by dieting and a little bit of exercising, so that the skin can get some flexibility. The patient trying to loose before liposuction can do this under the physician’s supervision in the hospital itself to get better results. With liposuction, people are known to have reduced maximum up to 5 litres of fat.

Supplemental operations after liposuction to certain areas

There are certain areas, which are prone to sagging of skin after liposuction. These are the neck region, arm, abdomen, chin, buttock and calf. In case of the neck, the fat removal is done from the under skin or submentam. Platysmaplasty or a neck lift is what you need to get yourself free from the sagging skin in the neck, throat and chin area. Here superficial liposuction like skin excision is done to firm the skin and it is known not to leave a number of visible defects on the skin.

The upper arms are an area where skin due to the lack of collagen in case of old people, cannot retract easily. The solution to this is Brachioplasty, where incisions are made into the arm’s underside area. Though this can greatly reduce the bat wings of the arms but it includes the risk of lymphedema and swelling of the arms as the deep incisions remove some of the lymphatic system’s ductwork.

Another common area is a sloppy abdomen, which can be due to previous obesity or pregnancy. Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck is the treatment for such a problem. Posterior thigh and buttock are two areas where loose skin looks very bad. To tighten the skin around this area, thigh lifts and buttock lift can be done. To correct the sloppiness of the calves, you can go for calf augmentation, in which silicone is implanted into the calf to make it look perfect. Edema or swelling is a same issue that happens like the upper arms. To reduce this you have to lift your legs many times during the day during the phase of healing.

Although all these supplemental operations are there to give you properly contoured body, it must be done only after consultation and approval of your doctor. So it is true that you can get a smooth skin after liposuction, as many arrangements can be made to ensure that.

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