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Rid Stretch Marks From Your Body

Rid Stretch Marks From Your Body

If you are looking for a way to rid stretch marks from your body, it pretty much comes down to three options: Surgery, Laser Treatments, or Topical Treatments (creams and oils) below we’ll detail the pros and cons of each.


While surgery is easily the most effective way to rid yourself of stretch marks, it does come hand in hand with quite a few negative points, so do your research carefully before considering this option. Surgery is the most effective because the operation that is most commonly performed to remove stretch marks (The ‘tummy tuck’) actually removes the area of ​​skin that contains the stretch marks. You can not get more effective than taking out the whole problem area! But this is where some of the cons for this surgery lie too.

This surgery only affects marks that are on your abdomen. So if you are suffering from scarring on your breasts or legs, you are out of luck. It is also very expensive, can be very painful, and in some cases dangerous, or can leave you with even more scarring than before. If you are lucky enough to only have marks on your abdomen, and can afford the cash outlay for this procedure, please research your doctor or clinic very carefully. The results can be marvellous, but make sure you’ve got your bases covered.


Laser treatments are hotly debated as to whether they are a dangerous sham or wonder cure for stretch marks. Practitioners claim the procedure stimulates the production of collagen, thereby repairing the marks on the skin. Deriders claim that lasers only break down the layer of skin directly above the stretch mark, giving a temporary illusion of an improvement in skin on top of the stretch mark, and that the scarring will be just as bad or worse once the top layer of skin (vaporized by the laser) regenerates.

There are clinical studies to support both sides of the argument, so again, do your research. Laser surgery is generally a lot cheaper than plastic or tummy tuck surgery, but is still quite an expensive option, and may require multiple treatments.

Stretch Mark Creams

While in the past stretch mark creams have got a bad rap, recent products on the market have shown huge success in both the general public and clinical trials. There are a few wonder creams that have nailed the secret to rid stretch marks from the body – by regenerating the collagen in the dermis (the lower layer of skin) where the mark has occurred.

These creams will not heal your stretch marks completely, but they will drastically improve the appearance, and with long term treatment render them invisible to the eye (but you may still ‘feel’ them) and this is the best result currently available to sufferers ( despite what some may claim).

The secret to these creams is a combination of ingredients, including vitamin A, E and D3, as well as the natural oils Squaline and Rosemary, and Aloe Vera. Synthetics such as Elastin and Collagen will also help boost collagen reserves in the body. So look for these ingredients on the label, and it’s a good bet you’re in safe hands.

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