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Regain Youthful Full Lips By Having Lip Augmentation Treatment Using Dermal Fillers

Regain Youthful Full Lips By Having Lip Augmentation Treatment Using Dermal Fillers

Nobody has perfect lips throughout their lifetime. As we grow older, our lips can start to lose their plumpness, but this lost volume can easily be restored with dermal filler treatment.

A lip augmentation can easily be given if you’re disheartened by a gradual loss in volume, maybe you would prefer a better shape, or you want a more defined border; a cosmetic treatment using a small amount of filler can quickly rectify all your concerns.

Dermal filler injected into the lips will help them to look fuller by increasing the volume, which will make them look bigger and plumper.

Lip augmentation will:

  • Increase the volume
  • Achieve a more symmetrical look
  • Enhance the contours of the lips
  • Improve the outline and definition
  • Reduce lines and wrinkles from around the mouth

Lip augmentation is one of the most popular treatments at cosmetic clinics. It works to smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth area and to shape and add volume to the lips, all helping to create the perfect overall look to enhance your facial features.


  • Lips can become crepe-like and become covered in fine lines. A lip filler injection to the upper and lower lips will boost hydration levels. This will hydrate the lips as well as smoothing the wrinkles.

Mouth and lip lines

  • Women have a problem with vertical lines around the mouth which cause lipstick bleeds and these are usually caused by genetics, smoking or sun exposure. With dermal filler, these lines can easily be softened, leaving the area around the mouth enhanced, giving it a more youthful look.

Undefined lips

  • Filler added to the vermilion border, will give a better outline, improve the definition and minimize lip bleed.

Thin lips

  • Some of us are born with naturally thin lips or they lose volume as we age. A non-permanent filler made from hyaluronic acid can boost the lip area. Hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient which gets broken down by the body over time, and can also be dissolved if you don’t like the results.


  • The older we get, the more chance that the edge of the lips will become less defined. Over time, the collagen and elastin breaks down and the lips lose their pouting shape, and lines begin to develop around the lips.

Lip augmentation is a fast procedure with almost no downtime. Any side effects such as swelling, bruising or redness are temporary and will resolve within a few days and any lumps or bumps can easily be gently massaged out and will settle within a couple of days. After filler treatment, keep your lips moisturised and use a moisturising sun block.

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