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Plastic Surgery – Different Types of Body Sculpting

Plastic Surgery – Different Types of Body Sculpting

Being unhappy with your body can be very frustrating and can lower your self-esteem. If you have areas that just won’t respond to exercise, you can consider looking in to body sculpting with your doctor. This process can make you look and feel wonderful.

Have you lost a lot of weight recently? Maybe you’re just unable to exercise and get certain areas to respond, regardless of what you do. If you’re unhappy with your figure, for whatever reason, there are lots of solutions for you. It is important that you first begin an exercise routine so that you are in as good of a physical condition as you can be. After that, you can look in to surgical options.

There is a method of surgery that is called body contouring or body sculpting. This is when a surgeon is able to target specific areas and reshape them to better fit the image you have of yourself in your head. There are several different ways to accomplish this goal. One of the first, most basic things to do is liposuction.

Liposuction involves making small incisions and removing fat cells through a suction tube. This is best for people that have one small area that protrudes or provides discomfort. A good example is love handles, or extra fat under your chin.

There are also several different procedures available to virtually every area. A lift is when the doctor cuts in to the skin, literally lifts it up and restores it back on, removing the excess. This makes the skin conform better to any muscle your exercise has built and makes skin look and feel smoother. There is also several implants available.

This is more for people who have worked out but don’t feel that their muscle is showing through appropriately. There are calf, buttocks, bicep and pectoral implants among many others.

A common area that is difficult to change is the stomach area. In this area, a tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, can be done by itself or combined with liposuction. Tummy tucks get rid of excess skin only. Getting one done will make your flabby stomach be tight and firm again by taking all of the skin left over from weight loss or pregnancy. Combining it with lipo enables your surgeon to get rid of the little problem areas that sin removal alone would not affect.

All of these things can help you achieve your desired look. It is important with any procedure that you talk with a licensed doctor and assess all of the risks involved before making your decision. Once you’re comfortable with a doctor though, you can have a body that you really, truly love.

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