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Natural Breast Lift Methods

Natural Breast Lift Methods

Before you actually go for breast lift surgery, there are several things you can do to improve your looks, to some extent. There are ways you can give yourself natural breast lifting without having to break the bank.

Here are a few ways you can give your breasts a natural makeover:

1. Breast Enlargement Exercises

Although breasts are made up of fat, they can be made firmer and perkier through exercise. There are muscles underneath the breast which can be stimulated to grow, thus lifting the breast and giving it a firmer appearance. Exercises such as push-ups, chest flies, press-ups and wall pushes all help in building chest muscles. You need to be consistent with these exercises in order to see results. Also, you can get more from such exercises by using equipment, such as dumbbells.

2. Natural Supplements

Did you know that a mineral or vitamin deficiency can have an effect on how perky or droopy your breasts are? This is because some minerals have an effect on your hormonal levels, which in turn have an effect on your breasts. Too much testosterone as well as too little oestrogen will lead to you having smaller breasts. There are various supplements available on the market that are all geared towards giving you fuller and perkier breasts. These supplements work by increasing the amount of oestrogen in your body.

3. Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are used to apply pressure onto breasts, creating a suction motion. The pressure on your breasts will stimulate tissue growth. Such breast pumps are available in both manual and electric versions. The suction force of these pumps pulls up the epidermis layer of your skin, leaving space underneath it. This space is eventually filled with breast tissue, thus giving your breasts a lift.

4. Breast Massage

Did you know that gently massaging your breasts for half an hour everyday will stimulate tissue growth? There are numerous masseurs that offer breast massages, but if you are not comfortable with that, you can learn to do it on your own. The whole massage involves kneading the breasts gently, stroking the nipples, and massaging the breasts in both clockwise and anticlockwise motions. Your breasts will be stimulated to grow, giving them a fuller look, and eventually lifting them. What’s more is that a study conducted by UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that regular breast massages can prevent cancer. The physical pressure applied during a massage makes it hard for cancer cells to grow.

5. Quality Bras

Did you know that the type of bras you wear can have an effect on the way your breasts look? You can give your breasts a lift by wearing a bra that fits properly. Some women’s breasts droop as a result of not wearing the right kind of bras. So, you can give your breasts a lift simply by switching bras. If you’re not sure about the correct size to wear, you can visit a lingerie or clothing store near you and get professionally fitted.

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