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Mesotherapy – Miracle in an Injection

Mesotherapy – Miracle in an Injection

Mesotherapy is one of the miraculous recent discoveries of cosmetic medicine. This treatment is a non-surgical method used to fight a variety of conditions related to the appearance. Discovered in the 1950’s by the French Dr. Michel Pistor, Mesotherapy became popular in France before spreading all over Europe and reaching to America.

Basically Mesotherapy involves injecting the skin with a concoction that includes homeopathic elements, natural extracts, vitamins, minerals, pharmaceuticals and much more. With a single prick, individuals can have their skin and hair rejuvenated while others can rid themselves of cellulite and excess weight. In comparison with other treatments on the market, this is definitely the safest.

When Mesotherapy was first publicized in France, it was marketed to be a new way to melt fat. Once injected into the skin, the fat cells around the injected area release their fat content and break their bonds with one another, thus eliminating cellulite. Mainly this is effective in countering the fatty folds of cellulite created on the body, with each injection targeting different parts of the body. When it comes to countering fat, each injection can bring down its user’s weight by 5 pounds.

Additionally, Mesotherapy has proved to be more effective than Botox injections and anti-aging creams in treating the skin. Whereas Botox is a chemical anti-aging application that works for superficial use, Mesotherapy allows natural extracts to weave into the skin and treat it from the inside out. When an individual ages, the skin tends to lose the nutrients it requires to stay flexible, however, by injecting these necessary elements directly into the skin, healthier skin is possible quickly and effectively.

Hair loss sufferers also benefit from Mesotherapy injections as they stimulate the growth of existing hair follicles. This saves the need for expensive laser hair transplants and unlike donor hairs that are dead when transplanted, this cosmetic treatment ensured users that they will have follicles which will grow normally. Another advantage is that the injections also stop active hair follicles from shedding their hair, thus preventing hair loss.

Aside from being a successful treatment to these problems, Mesotherapy has become popular among today’s working individuals because of the fact that it doesn’t require hospitalization, bandages or downtime.

Despite all these benefits, Mesotherapy does have some side effects. Although it is not nearly as hazardous as liposuction, some patients have reported a burning sensation occurring as the injection started dissolving fats, however, this lasts only a few minutes and then disappears. Another side effect which lasts longer is numbness. This can go from a few days up until a few weeks.

Besides these complications, more than 90% of the users of Mesotherapy will experience bruising at the injection sites and swelling. These can be temporary, however for some individuals with sensitive skin, they can be prominent and permanent.

Mesotherapy is a truly remarkable treatment for a wide range of skin, hair and fat issues. With no need to be subjected to a scalpel or to be exposed to harmful chemicals, everyone can feel and look young and healthy again.

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