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Macrolane Injections

Macrolane: A non surgical, safe, natural breast enhancing injections. Tired of wearing padded bikinis – which can be spotted a mile off? Or still busy stuffing your Wonderbra with chicken fillets just to try to fill the bust of the beautiful strapless dress so it will hang properly and, more importantly, stay up.

There are many reasons for opting for breast enlargement. You might have always wanted to increase a cup size or maybe you’d like to restore volume lost after pregnancy or weight loss. Thousands of women are very eager to transform their flat chest into a bombshell bust, but aren’t keen to undergo invasive surgery because of the risks involved from the general anesthetic and from post-operative complications.

But now there is a non-surgical solution that is fast, effective and produces instant results. After just a few painless injections, you can go with your reserved B cup to a curvaceous C cup. This technique is called Macrolane and claims to offer women instant volume and lift which last for 12-18 months.

Macrolane was launched in 2000 in Sweden by Q-Med. The company also manufactures the facial filler Restylane. This has been on the market for 10-15 years now and has a very good safety profile. It consists of hyaluronic acid which is a substance, found naturally in skin and connective tissue. The company uses its NASHA (non-animal) technology, which makes the product non-allergenic and the side effects are much less and the risk profile is safe. Macrolane was launched in the UK in January 2008, and carries the European CE mark of approval.

A local anesthetic is given to numb the breasts first and a tiny incision is made in the crease under each breast, so that gel filler made of hyaluronic acid can be pumped in through a flexible knitting needle-sized canula. The best part is that you are awake throughout this 30mins-60mins of procedure and you can actually see your chest getting bigger! And as there is no general anaesthetic, you don’t need to take time for recovery and can return to your workplace within hours. This treatment is suitable for two types of women; those who want to increase their breasts by a cup size but are reluctant to have permanent implants, and those who simply want to add volume and shape to their chest.

Following treatment, Macrolane feels firm for a few days, but it is not without risk. Infection can occur which can be countered by a dose of antibiotics, while swelling and bruising are all possible side effects.

After two weeks Macrolane begins to soften as it absorbs water, becoming quite soft and very similar to body tissue.

Apart from breast enhancement, Macrolane is also used for volume restoration and shaping of other body surfaces, for example, the calves and buttocks and can also even out discrepancies in the skin surface, for example, those caused by liposuction and surgical scars.

Macrolane is sure to be a boon for surgery-shy women who want bigger boobs, but have been too scared to go under the knife. So now plastic breasts may finally be on the way out; replaced by softer, more natural breast enhancements, transforming an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!

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