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Liposuction in Los Angeles For Less Than Half the Price

Liposuction in Los Angeles For Less Than Half the Price

It was for a time that you can only fancy the body you desire through a liposuction in Los Angeles, coupled with the dreadful thought of draining your bank account at such stark sacrifice. Fancy no more. Getting hold of the shape you want, the Beverly Hills way, without the extra price tag can now be a reality.

One prestigious clinic, located in the business and financial district in Metro Manila, Philippines is an international model for the modern Multi-Specialty Surgery Center and is Asia’s largest US based, managed and operated facility. The center promises to offer Hollywood Star Treatment. Managed with the same professional expertise as with its parent corporation located in the “Golden Triangle” area of ​​Beverly Hills, California, this highly esteemed clinic has been regularly featured on the television series like Dr 90210, Discovery Channel, The Lifetime Channel and Extreme Makeover . Its surgeons have been guests on Oprah, The Tyra Banks Show and CNN’s Larry King Live.

Prices are not Beverly Hills prices and are extremely competitive with procedures of liposuction in Los Angeles or those of other major clinics and hospitals. A tummy tuck in the US costs roughly $ 8,000-the same procedure the clinic offers for less than half. Using similar equipment and applying the same standards as the California branch, the clinic in Makati, Philippines offers partial facelifts, liposuction or full open rhinoplasty for about $ 2,300.

Lower rate is drawing in foreign clients, for whatever surgery, coupled with a tropical holiday in style, costs less overall than having the surgery alone in California or Europe — giving “treatment” a substantially pristine meaning at this center. And patients are offered full cosmetic packages, including dermatology services such as wrinkle removal and botox injection, as well as cosmetic surgery like earhole repair, tummy tuck and liposuction.

Moreover, the center will only cater the best board certified doctors and surgeons in their relevant fields, screened by a panel of highly reputable US doctors. It is also a US Compliant and State of the Art facility developed with the most stringent US Department of Health (DOH) and Joint Commission International (JCI) medical standards for healthcare for facility development, policies and procedures, licensing and healthcare management to meet the requirements of their global clients seeking the latest technology and safest advances in out-patient surgery.

If you’re thinking of having a liposuction in Los Angeles, think again. Exclusive in this clinic you can get the body you want with the patented VASER® Technology and the advanced LipoSelection technique which now offers a safe alternative for ridding yourself of those stubborn fat deposits to provide you a smooth new shape, precise contouring, minimal pain and fast recovery time.

Left trapped in a not so desirable body and no more than dreaming of that coveted-figure of a Coca-Cola shaped body? The period of your fancying is now but a time. So do yourself a favor, end yourishing and begin your transformation in style and comfort minus half the price.

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