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Is It Safe To Have A Breast Lift And Augmentation At The Same Time?

Is It Safe To Have A Breast Lift And Augmentation At The Same Time?

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that increases the size of your breasts; while a breastfeeding lift is a procedure intended to correct sagging breasts, giving them a fuller and perkier look. Most women walk into a plastic surgeon’s office wanting either of the two, but sometimes both procedures are done at the same time. For instance, a woman may walk in wanting breast augmentation; but because her natural breasts are sagging and fall below the crease line, surgeons may choose to lift them a little bit, to give her bigger and perkier breasts.

Is It Possible to Do Both?

Yes, it is. A cosmetic lift combined with breast augmentation is possible in one surgical session. Typically, such a procedure is done for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. A lift will place the breast in a higher position while advancement will make the breasts fuller.

Necessity of such a double procedure is due to natural sagging of breasts as you age. Sagging can be accelerated due to genetics, childbirth, and gain gain or loss. Skin loses its elasticity, causing your breasts to droop a little. Most women seeking breast procedures admit that they want the best of both worlds: perkier and fuller breasts.

Am I a Viable Candidate?

The combination of a lift and breast enhancement is recommended for anyone who is looking to:

• Lift hanging and drooping breasts.
• Increase volume and shape.
• Reduce appearance of stretch marks on breasts.
• Increase fullness on the top part of the breasts.
• Fix asymmetry of both or one of the breasts.

Luckily, there is no fixed rule concerning who can get the double procedure, meaning that most surgeons will comply as long as it is what their patients want.

What to Expect During Surgery

Your double procedure should be carried out by a certified surgeon. The surgeon should have already gone through the procedure with you, including asking you questions and taking tests to identify whether or not you are physically capable of under the procedure. Anaesthesia will be administered to you by a person certified by the Board of Certified Anaesthesiologists.

Loose and sagging skin of your breasts will be corrected through lifting, while the extra space as a result of the stretched skin will be corrected using implants. By undergoing breastfeeding augmentation you will not only achieve fuller, but also perkier breasts.

Is not It Too Much to Do in One Day?

No, it is not. This type of combined procedure is done on thousands of women each year, and it is safe. There are no additional risks you may incur if the procedures are done together than you would incur if they were done separately.

Following the procedure, you will experience some degree of bruising, swelling, soreness and pain that will disappear within a few weeks. Your surgeon may also schedule post-op appointments to check on your progress. It’s critically important that you follow your surgeon’s recommendations on what to do after surgery.

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