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Increase Breast Size in 1 Hour! How the Lunchtime Boob Job Works

Increase Breast Size in 1 Hour! How the Lunchtime Boob Job Works

So you have heard of a lunchtime boob job then? It is the latest trend to hit the United States and is all the rage in California to increase breast size.

Many women are going for a lunchtime boob job and then celebrating by hitting the town in the evening. Expect the boob job at lunchtime to become the new Botox and reach a plastic surgery near you soon.

On the back of Botox parties and the radical 20 minute face lift the boob job at lunchtime is going to change the landscape of the plastic surgery industry making breast augmentation possible for all women. Let’s take a closer look at this much talked about cosmetic procedure.

How A Lunchtime Boob Job Works

The procedure is very different from normal breast augmentation and does not involve the use of implants and can be performed under local anesthetic. This makes the procedure less invasive and is extremely quick taking less than an hour to perform to increase breast size.

The procedure uses non-animal stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (NASHAA) in a gel form. The acid which is a naturally occurring substance in the body is injected to change the shape and size of the breast. The acid is made by the Swedish Company Q-Med and has been previously used as a wrinkle filler.

For women who have been put off by breast implants because they look to artificial and completely change the shape of the breast and so their overall body shape the lunchtime boob job could prove to be the perfect solution.

This type of breast enhancement just changes the shape and size in a less obvious way offering a more natural but fuller look. If you are after a more natural shape with a triangle difference in size then this procedure covers all bases.

The Advantage Of The Lunchtime Boob Job

This procedure is cheaper than having normal breast implants and will take in most cases less than an hour to perform. As the process is not invasive surgery it is a lot less painful and there is less blood loss than a normal breast enhancement. In California where this procedure is being performed on a regular basis at the moment recovery times are less than 24 hours.

The plastic surgeons performing the procedure claim you can celebrate having the procedure in the evening after having it in the afternoon. This maybe so but not recommended as you will want to take it easy after any type of cosmetic procedure. You should be able to go to work within 48 hours of the augmentation.

This Is Not To Be Taken Lightly

The lunchtime breastfeeding augmentation may quick and a fairly painless procedure but before the injection you will need to go through a consultation with your plastic surgeon. It is still a “cosmetic procedure” so a doctor will question your motives for having the injections to increase breast size procedure.

When going for a boob job at lunchtime remember to use a certified surgeon and also ask to speak to other women who have had the surgery and really consider your reasons for having this procedure in the first place.

The lunchtime boob job is going to take the world by storm and expect it to be as regular as Botox in the next 12 months. If you are after a more humble and natural non-invasive breast augmentation then the lunchtime boob job is perfect for you to increase breast size.

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