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How a Brazilian Butt Lift Can Get You Curvier and Jigglier

How a Brazilian Butt Lift Can Get You Curvier and Jigglier

Do you have a butt as flat as the Kansas plains? Does your body have the shape of a wet noodle? Or, do you have a saggy bottom that hangs all over the place? These are all big problems with the behind – Why couldn’t everybody’ve just been born with Jennifer Lopez’s posterior!?

You no longer have to be gifted with a fine behind. The Brazilian butt lift┬ácan get you the rear of your dreams! Here’s how the butt lift works…

Is It Really From Brazil?

Yes, it’s really from Brazil. Hence the name. But here’s something most ladies don’t know about this charmingly named plastic surgery procedure – It’s not just all about getting you a supersonic behind that jiggles and wriggles with each step. It is designed to give you a curvier, more youthful figure.

Most of us don’t realize the effect our bottoms have on our overall body shape. A flat or frumpy butt can make your whole posture drag. As plastic surgery proceeds into the possibilities of total body contouring, surgeons are increasingly taking a look at your behind.

The Procedure

It means lifting the rear, right? Actually, there’s a huge difference between the Brazilian and non-Brazilian versions of this procedure. The garden variety non-Brazilian version removes tissue that causes saggy, droopy or shapeless behind. It eliminates the sag and droop, but can also eliminate essential buttage.

The miracle surgery from Brazil goes one step further – it takes fat from key areas of your body (where you don’t want it!), and resituates it on the posterior zone. The donor fat is injected using hundreds of teeny tiny “micro-injections” into the upper bottom, giving it more volume and curve. This way, it can be customized by your doctor as part of an overall body contouring program.

Can I Still Sit Down?

During the operation, you’ll be anesthetized. This means you’ll be in Lala-land while the doctor’s poking your rear-end with hundreds of tiny fat injections. It’ll be a wild party and a fantastic journey to a magical dreamland, but after the operation’s over, you’ll be drowsy and hungover. It’s best to have somebody drive you home.

It takes up to a month to fully recover, and during that time it is okay to sit down. There’ll be some bruising and swelling, but it should go away quickly. The doctor will give you meds and suggestions on how to minimize pain. You’ll want to be a little inactive for the first couple of weeks, but you can go back to work whenever your surgeon gives you the go-ahead.

And then, not only will your butt lift give you a chunkier and more bootilicious behind; you’ll also have more curves to your body… and who wouldn’t want that!?

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