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Gynecomastia Surgery and The Risks Involved

Gynecomastia Surgery and The Risks Involved

Gynecomastia is known by most people as the disorder that leads to having man boobs. For people that suffer from gynecomastia it can be very embarrassing. Gynecomastia is technically a condition when excessive fat deposits are formed in the chest area. This makes the area appear bloated and on some men it looks like they have breasts like a woman. This is where the term man boobs comes into play. Gynecomastia surgery comes up as an option for many when the pain of embarrassment has become intolerable. Gynecomastia surgery has worked for many but there are some inherent risks involved.

First when you do gynecomastia scalpel treatment they are going to treat each side of your chest as different entities. If there are any mistakes during surgery with just a slight miscalculation each side of your chest will look different. This can be with one side being larger than the other. You also could get your nipples being at different levels. This is just like a woman with different size breasts. This could make you more uncomfortable than you where with your man boobs.

Next on the list of risks is scarring from gynecomastia scalpel treatment which can happen. Often times with gynecomastia surgery you are going to have some skin and tissue removed. This can leave a scar across your chest. Depending on the amount of skin and tissue removal the scar can be nearly invisible or very noticeable. Again how much better is having a scar across your chest than having man boobs? That is a decision that you will have to make.

Also with gynecomastia scalpel treatment people have reported occurrences of deformities on their chest. Some of these deformities include bumps, wrinkles and dents on the skin of the chest. Some patients of gynecomastia surgery have had to undergo additional surgery to have the deformities fixed. Continuing on with the skin deformities is discoloration. This discoloration comes from dark spots that appear during the liposuction part of gynecomastia surgery. This discoloration for people can be permanent or temporary.

One of the worst problems with gynecomastia surgery is that at times one round of surgery is not enough. This happens when not enough of the fatty tissue is removed from the pectoral area. This is like just getting a breast reduction for your man boobs. If this happens you need to completely recover from the first surgery before options can be reviewed. The facts are is that many surgeons will recommend another round of surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery does come with a round of risks just like any type of surgery. You also need to be aware of the costs from gynecomastia surgery. It will cost you around $3,000-$4000 and some times more. The good news is that there other options depending on the cause of your gynecomastia. For most people it is because of excess fat in their diet and lack of exercise. Only you can decide whether or not gynecomastia surgery is right for you. Speaking with your doctor will help when evaluating the risks, but we urge you to look at other options and coaching methods.

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