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Face Lift – A Plastic Surgery Procedure With Alternatives

Face Lift – A Plastic Surgery Procedure With Alternatives

By now you probably have heard of many new kinds of face lifts that are available on the plastic surgery market. There are new techniques, “lunch time” procedures, and a slew of cosmetics and creams that claim they can reverse the clock and make you look ten years younger without the risks and pain of a traditional face lifts. Do these treatments really work? Here are the pros and cons of these forms of face lifts.

Creams and Cosmetics

Face lift creams and cosmetics that claim to eliminate wrinkles, increase collagen, and tighten the skin eliminating the need for surgery are generally overpriced snake oils. Good skin care begun at a young age might be able to delay or diminish the development of wrinkles, but once they have been etched in your face these products merely provide a temporary cover and not a permanent solution. No cream or foundation can give you anywhere near the same results as a traditional face lift surgery, but they may provide a bit of camouflage.


Many people are calling fillers and injectables a “lunch-time” face lift. These products greatly reduce and eliminate many fine and deep lines by other plumping up the skin or paralyzing the muscle. The results are immediate and can be dramatic or subtle depending on the individual. There are few risks and the price is dramatically lower than traditional surgery. However, the results are temporary, lasting from a few months to a year or two maximum, and there are some things these fillers can’t achieve. While they can remove facial lines, they can’t tighten sagging skin, especially in areas such as around the neck and underneath the chin.

Laser Treatments

These types of facelifts are aimed at fixing minor imperfections such as fine lines and dull surface skin. They zap away the top layers, leaving fresh, unblemished and unlined skin to rise to the surface. They are less expensive and have a shorter recovery period than a traditional face lift, but the results are far less impressive. While this type of plastic surgery may be an option for younger candidates or those with fewer deep lines, those seeking a more dramatic change will find themselves disappointed.

Endoscopic Facelift

Possibly one of the most exciting innovations to arrive in cosmetic surgery is the use of endoscopic cameras to minimize incisions and recovery time while achieving similar results to that of the conventional procedure. While this procedure isn’t ideal for those with much sagging skin, it is a great way to tighten underlying muscles and tissues. If performed early on, it can also help prevent or delay too much sagging of the skin in the future. The recovery and scarring is minimal and the price tends to be lower than a full face lift as well.

Discuss with a board certified and qualified plastic surgery expert as to which procedure might be best for you and your aesthetic goals. There are many options available, so research carefully and spend your money wisely.

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