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Double Chin Surgery That Removes Chin Fat And Sagging Skin

Double Chin Surgery That Removes Chin Fat And Sagging Skin

When neither exercise nor the latest fad diet can overcome years of built-up neck fat deposits and saggy skin, your “turkey neck” woes can be best sorted out via tried and proven cosmetic surgery.

Don’t Give Up On Your Body Shape And Appearance

There’s no need to walk around with huge skin creases, pockets of neck fat and the resulting double chin look. Solution? You can get dramatic body contouring results by combining “body fat harvesting” liposuction with a traditional neck lift cosmetic procedure. Results possibilities? Smoother skin, elimination of your double chin, reducing hard-to-treat neck fat deposits, reducing skin flaps and attendant furrows and lines.

Creating Achievable Body Image Goals – Double Chin Surgery Aesthetics

Reed thin super models, high cheek boned beauties and other forms of curvaceous female body shape “ideals” are generally off-spectrum illusions for most of us. Instead, working with your surgeon and using one of the high tech computer imaging programs, you can literally explore-and-decide on the neck fat reduction and “look” that best suits your body type, age and desires.

What’s Involved In Double Chin Surgery?

Before anesthetics and scalpels and operating theaters are involved, you’ll want to find out about your overall health by undertaking a pre-op top-to-bottom health screening exam. The key is to identify, and to reduce, all health risks.

* Incisions and Reducing Saggy Skin

Neck lift surgery essentially “mirrors” a lower facelift procedure. Fine incisions are made within the treatment areas. Spare loose skin is “harvested”.

* Removing Excess Neck Fat

Since a double chin reflects an excess of neck fat as well as stretched saggy skin folds, you’ll remove as much built-up neck fat as can be safely removed.

* Finishing The Job

Since skin laxity and body fat are common complaints in the double chin person, your surgeon needs skill and a caring light touch in order to both remove excess materials, yet return your skin in a way that results in the right smooth skin result and with a minimum of visible scarring.

Rendering Neck Fat And Losing Inches

While people, and their double chin symptoms, vary, you might well lose 2 to 3 inches of loose skin and a pound or more of built-up skin fat as a result of your double chin neck lift surgery.

Combining Neck Lift With Mid Face Lift Or Other Cosmetic Procedures

Art and aesthetics drive the cosmetic surgery process. Best results, from the best surgeons, inevitably reflect “artistic skill”.

What does this mean to a double chin appearance? Well, it might suggest a more “global” assessment of your entire head… from neck to forehead. Why? Because your overall body image goals are about beauty, balance and symmetry. Performing any one surgery on one area, without reference to the adjoining regions, sets up increasing risk that you just won’t look right.

Your Questions

Make sure to ask questions… “how will I look, in terms of my entire head and neck?”. Then, get some high-quality imaging options to consider. Now you’re ready to decide on what’s actually realistic, and medically appropriate, to consider.

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