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Cosmetic Surgery in Dallas

Cosmetic Surgery in Dallas

Dr. Steven J. White, M.D. is a plastic surgeon based in Dallas, Texas. An expert cosmetic surgeon in the United States, Dr. White specializes in cosmetic surgery of the body and face. He has been cited in several publications as a Top Doctor in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.

If you live near or within that area, you might be interested to read some of his techniques in administering the more common or popular cosmetic surgeries.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

The costs of a facelift plastic surgery in Dallas go from $6,300 to $7,400 on average. Dr. White’s facelift plastic surgery technique is done with hidden incisions within the ear’s natural outline, extending around the ear going back to the hairline.

The procedure could also call for a tiny cut under the chin. Dr. White separates the skin of the face from the connective tissues, stretching it backward and suctions out excess skin. If necessary, he repositions the deeper layers. This would also minimize the look of muscle rings in the neck.

Laser Surgery

Dallas offers a number of options for laser skin treatments. The average costs of this procedure are $400 per session. Lasers correct the fine lines and wrinkles in the face and facilitate the lifting and tightening of specific body parts.

Laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal and Fraxel laser treatment are among the popular procedures. Fraxel laser treatment improves pore size and unattractive acne scars and brown facial spots and spider veins.

Breast Lift Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. White’s breast lift cosmetic surgery technique uses 3 incisions to outline the areola, another running across the areola to the crease of the breast and below the normal curve of the breast crease.

After which Dr. White removes extra skin inside the breast and reshapes the tissue remaining inside the breast. The nipple and areola are shifted back into the correct position.

If necessary, the nipple and areola sizes are sometimes reduced. You won’t feel any effects on nipple sensation and breast feeding after this operation.


The average cost of liposuction is from $2,600 to $3,300. If you were Dr. White’s patient he would give you two choices for the liposuction techniques:

• Tumescent liposuction, which involves pre-injected fat with a dilute solution of saline and minute amounts of adrenaline
• Ultrasound liposuction, which is a two-step method using sound waves to liquefy fat prior to being suctioned.

The first method is the one recommended by Dr. White because there is less risk for the patient in contrast to ultrasound liposuction, although that procedure is easier on the doctor.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get in touch with Dr. White or your personal surgeon for your own aesthetic rejuvenation.

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