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Cosmetic Surgery Costs – Reduce Costs By 70% or More

Cosmetic Surgery Costs – Reduce Costs By 70% or More

In recent years cosmetic surgery costs have come down dramatically and in the last decade they have fallen by 70% or more, with the emergence of medical tourism.

Medical tourism is simply taking advantage of low cost air travel, to get world class medical treatment in another country. If you have always dreamed of a new look this article is for you.

Plastic surgery comes from the Greek word plastikos, which means to fit for molding. The origins of plastic or cosmetic surgery can be traced back to 500 BC in India when the practitioner Sushruta, reconstituted prisoners nose nose and earlobe’s that had been amputated.

Today, India is again in the news, as its cosmetic surgery industry grows and treats patients from all over the world, helping them to achieve the look they want, at an affordable cost.

Cosmetic surgery costs are lower in India but patients still get world class treatments for the following reasons:

Lower Costs Locally

Medical tourism is behind the growth of plastic surgery in India and lower infrastructure costs are passed on to patients and hospitals in the UK or US Simply can not compete.

India combines world-class healthcare private healthcare with prices costing far less than comparable treatments in the US or Europe and these savings can be up to 70% or more.

India is now the world leader in medical tourism and growth in the industry is currently running in excess of 30% per annual and the industry is worth billions in revenue annually.

The Indian education system at present is training around 30,000 doctors and nurses each year to meet the demand for the increased demand for medical treatments.

The Expertise of Cosmetic Surgery in India

India’s private medical facilities are on par with any in the world, and Indian doctors, medical staff and plastic surgeons are referred to the world over for their expertise.

In conclusion cosmetic surgery in India offers a combination of the best facilities combined with surgeons whose expertise is equal to the best available in any country.

The Price of Cosmetic Surgery in India

The concept of reducing cosmetic surgery costs by having treatments done in India now has broad appeal.

Indian private facilities offer advanced technology and high-quality procedures with some treatments up to 70% less in cost when compared to hospitals abroad.

This has seen a boom in the amount of people traveling for a variety of cosmetic treatments, from cosmetic dentistry – to more complex operations such as complete facelifts.

Common treatments include:

· Hair restoration, (hair implants, hair flaps, or scalp treatments)

Rhinoplasty (reshaping of the nose)

· Face lifts

. Cosmetic dentistry

· Eyelifts

· Brow lifts

· Submetal lipectomy

· Demabrasions

· Laser hair removal

. Skin treatments

. Otoplasty

· Chin and cheek enlargement

· Lip reduction and plumping

· Surgery for breasts (reduction and enhancement)

· Liposuction

. Tummy Tucks

And many others – whatever cosmetic surgery you require India will be able to do the treatment and do it a cost that is a fraction of the cost in many other countries

Add up the facts

We all want to look our best and cosmetic surgery gives you the chance to change your look and your life. Today it’s more affordable than ever, by taking advantage of the benefits of medical tourism.

If you have always dreamed of a new look and want you want the best treatments at costs up to 90% less, you should consider India and do not forget – after your treatment, you can enjoy a relaxing break in one of the most beautiful and diverse countries on earth.

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