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Cosmetic Surgery Abroad – UK vs Lithuania

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad – UK vs Lithuania

The rapid growth of medical tourism, when people travel to other countries to seek healthcare, has been greatly influenced by the cost factor – prices for medical procedures may be two to ten times lower abroad than in one’s home country. Consumers from developed nations are discovering that they can receive high-quality treatment more cheaply in some developing countries. Along with the increasing demand for plastic surgery procedures, many people travel abroad for reconstructive or cosmetic surgery as well.

For many people, the idea of having a cosmetic surgery at all, not to mention going abroad for it, may be scary. However, a recent research done by Mintel in Britain reveals that 690,000 cosmetic surgery procedures have been performed on British adults in 2006 alone. But the prices charged by the UK clinics are high, so Britons seem to be increasingly looking overseas for a better deal.

A recent survey carried out by “Cosmetic Surgery Answers” shows that 70 percent of British citizens would go to Europe to undergo cosmetic surgery, 17 percent of them would choose Eastern Europe.

One of the countries representing the Eastern European region is Lithuania. Lithuanian plastic surgery clinics (almost all of them established in the capital Vilnius and the second largest city Kaunas) boast up-to-date equipment and can fully cater westerners’ needs. The surgeons’ experience gained abroad and years of surgical practice at home have helped thousands of patients in boosting their appearance and self-confidence. Last but not least, UK residents and people from other European countries can have cosmetic surgery for a twice lower price here.

In Lithuania, Britons can have cosmetic surgery procedures at a price 2-3 times lower than in the UK. A facelift can cost from about £4,000 in Britain, and in Lithuania it can cost £1,800. Ear surgery costs from about £2,000 in Britain; in Lithuania it costs £700. Tummy-tuck procedure may cost about £3,500 in the UK, and £1,700 in Lithuania.

Foreigners who have had plastic surgery in Lithuania seem to be satisfied with their choice from every perspective. Robert Wilson from Great Britain had a plastic surgery procedure a couple of years ago in Kaunas.

“I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I came over from the UK. However, from the very first moment that I was met at Vilnius Airport, until post-operative care & recuperation I have been extremely impressed by the levels of courtesy, professionalism and expertise shown by the medical staff”, he says, “I am very pleased with the early results of surgery. Lithuania itself has been great – Vilnius and Kaunas are pretty, pleasant cities. The hotel where I’ve been staying is also modern, well-equipped & spacious – & there, too, the staff have been very pleasant & courteous. I would strongly endorse such a trip for anyone, both from a medical & tourist perspective at very reasonable prices.”

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