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Breast Lift Techniques

Breast Lift Techniques

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgery for women who are satisfied with the size of their breasts but would like a more youthful appearance. There are different types of techniques for the procedure, and a consultation with a doctor will be used to determine which type of surgery is suitable for the patient. The different techniques include the crescent shaped or nipple lift, the doughnut, also referred to as the Benelli, the vertical, and the anchor incision or wise pattern.

The nipple lift or crescent option is used most often for women who desire only a small lift. Technically less invasive with well disguised scarring, this procedure is suggested for women seeking surgery mostly because of discontent with sagging after nursing a child. For this alternative, a moon shaped piece of tissue is removed above the areola. Closing the crescent results in pulling the breast into a higher position creating the youthfulness that the patient is generally seeking.

For those who need more than the minimal lift that the prior option provides, perhaps the Benelli procedure is appropriate. Also called the circumareolar or doughnut, this surgery removes tissue in a circle around the areola, the dark area surrounding the nipple. Suturing the surrounding skin to the areola results in the sought after shape. The resulting scar from this option is likely to be hidden by the areola.

An extension of the previous choice and a recommendation for those with either small breasts with maximum sag or large breasts with minimal sag is the vertical or v-shaped mastopexy. Often referred to as the lollipop, it is similar to the Benelli but an additional incison is made from the areola to the mammary fold. More visible scarring occurs than with the aforementioned two procedures, however more contouring occurs which is more likely to suit the patient’s wish without a full mastopexy.

Last, and the most common of all the choices, is the wise or full-pattern or anchor incision breast lift. The surgery is conducive to maximum lift and dramatic re-shaping; however, it is also the option that leaves the most scarring. This option includes all the incisions of the cicumareolar and the vertical with and additional cut extending from right to left along the crease of the bosom, creating an “anchor” shape scar. The full-pattern is often used in conjunction with implants.

A pre-operational consultation will determine the best breast-lift procedure for each patient. Desired result, aversion to scars, and the possibility of a simultaneous augmentation all help determine the type of procedure that is right for each patie.

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