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Breast Enlargement – The Anatomy of an Implant

Breast Enlargement – The Anatomy of an Implant

Breast enlargement is all about making your chest larger and more appealing in terms of its look and its feel. If you think your breasts are too small for your body then look to implants to improve the appearance of them.

Implants are basically made up of three components. The outer layer is called the shell. It is also sometimes referred to as the lumen or the envelope. The filler is what the surgeon inserts inside it while the third component, the patch is what is used to cover over the hole once the filler has been placed inside the shell. Most of the time it is composed of a single layer called the single lumen. However there are times when the implant is given a double layer.

Breast enlargement is done by way of using either saline or silicone ones. The outer layer of both types is made up of a silicone-rubber substance. When you hear someone talking about a silicone breast one they are making reference to the material used to fill the implant as opposed to the shell.

In the United States augmentation can be done by using either a saline filled one or a gel-filled one. In most cases the silicone- rubber shell is made up:

Cured medium to long strands of silicones

Finely powdered silica (approximately 20 percent) that is carefully bound to the polymers of silicone

Trace amounts of other substances

If you decide to have surgery and your choice of implants is saline filled then you have made a popular and very good decision. These are composed of a sterile saline solution that is the exact same kind of salt water that is used when general surgery is performed. The types of these implants used vary based on whether they are prefilled before the operation or filled while the surgery is taking place. Another factor that plays a role is whether or not the volume of salt water can be adjusted.

There are three different types of single lumen implants. The first single lumen is prefilled before it arrives at the hospital or clinic. The lumen refers to the outer shell of the implant. The second type is filled with a measured volume of saline while the breast enlargement operation is underway. No adjustments can be made to the volume once the augmentation has been completed. The third single lumen is filled during the surgical procedure.

Following the breast enlargement procedure it is possible for the implant’s volume to be adjusted whether it requires an addition or an extraction. This is done by way of a valve that can be found in the implant.

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