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Benelli vs Crescent – Which Type of Breast Lift is Better For You?

Benelli vs Crescent – Which Type of Breast Lift is Better For You?

Going for a breast lift is the best option that you can think of if you want to restore the youthful appearance of your breasts. If you’re considering getting a breast lift done, then you’ve probably read about several different methods. Here we will discuss two popular methods: the Benelli method and the crescent method.

Both these methods are designed with minimal scarring in mind. But, some cosmetic surgeries can leave undesirable scarring. Getting a breast lift is a decision that can change your life. The type that you get depends on your body type, breast size, sagginess, and the desired results.

The Benelli method involves making the incision directly around the areola. A circular-shaped piece of tissue around the areola is removed. This enables the surgeon to remove tissue from this area and then re-suture the skin to the areola. This method can leave less scarring.

The result can be a more round, flat breast, as opposed to a more sloping one. This method is recommended for women with more sagginess, as a more complete lift can be done. Going around the areola provides access to a larger tissue area.

In the crescent method, the doctor makes a crescent-shaped incision above or below the areola. He/she then pulls the skin from three sides and sutures it back together. This can leave more scarring than other methods. This type of lift is also considered less invasive.

The recovery time is a little shorter because there are less stitches and a smaller incision site. This is better for women with smaller breasts and less sagging. It allows the nipple to be moved upward by a few centimeters.

It is important, as with all surgeries, that you see a licensed and experienced doctor. Both of these procedures are meant to leave minimal scarring and only a doctor with experience can ensure those results.

Both methods are effective. When you go to your doctor you will have a consultation where he or she would discuss different options and he or she would help you decide what’s best for your body. Both these methods are less invasive than other methods that may involve making an incision on the bottom side of the breasts. The main factor is the amount of sagginess and the size of your breasts.

Either of these lifts would leave you with the breasts of a new look that would definitely make you feel more confident about your body.

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