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Are You Having An Old Face ‘Day?

Are You Having An Old Face ‘Day?

You know the look, right? Bleary eyed, sagging checks and droopy eyelids – your double chin is working its way through the entire jaw area and that wattle is hanging lower than ever. Weaving an old face can be more than a confidence killer as you try to go about your day jumping that no one notices your stern demeanor and sour expression because, as you know, it’s all about your face.

Wishing your old face would somehow magically return to the face of yesteryear is not enough to help you look and feel your very best. Surgery and injections scare you. Skin care is not sophisticated enough to correct the sagging and droopy features. So, sagging facial muscles and tired looking skin attributes to you looking older than your years. So what are your choices?

An anti-aging, organic diet helps. Eating salmon, avocados, blueberries, asparagus spears, unsalted almonds and other healthy items can certainly support a superb lifestyle but these items will not lift and tone the sagging facial muscles. Sure, you may enjoy clear skin as in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles may less slowly but does a healthy intake of time promote skin tighter skin? No.

Will dropping a few pounds and working out at the gym provide the look of a lifted face? No. Seeing a svelte woman in leotards sporting a shapely body does not mean that her face will match her torso. Yes, beginning a better eating plan and learning to love a workout are surely steps in the right direction but will extra activity produce the desired results of youthfulness or are you destined to be disappointed again?

Developing a younger looking face takes desire and dedication to leave the old, tired face and do something very proactive for yourself, your confidence and your well-being.

Scary injections that plump and paralyze muscles and soft tissue can be over-used and risky surgical procedures can seem barbaric; after all, cutting perfectly healthy tissue can hold dangerous consequences for your face. Maintenance requires that these costs typically be repeated and refreshed on a regular basis if you want to maintain “the look” created by your practitioner. This type of upkeep and maintenance can cost you several thousands of dollars per year.

So how many years will you allow your face to be subjected to procedures? What happens when you’ve decided that you’ve had enough pricks and surgery is no longer a viable option?

There is a procedure that works economically for everyone with fast, proven and sure results – facial exercise.

Facial exercise that teachers isometric contraction with resistance can produce remarkable results; in hardly anytime at all, your facial contour improves, the drooping stops, the lifting starts and your skin appears smoother. Muscle atrophy, the largest culprit of facial aging, can be remedied by performing easy to learn techniques in just minutes a day.

When you look in the mirror, what disturbs you about your face? Do you have sagging checks, a lined forehead, crows’ feet, a double chin and more? Facial exercise can change the shape and contour of your face in just a few weeks. This means that day by day, week by week, your muscles tighten and reposition while your skin becomes more radiant and smooth.

Using your thumbs and fingers to anchor muscles you most likely do not even know you possess, allows you to take control over your aging face so an “old face day” becomes a distant memory. Imagine your forehead looking taut, lifted and smooth with once droopy eyelids now tighter and eyebrows more youthfully positioned.

Learning the routine is easy and once you know the movements, you have this technology for life. You absolutely free yourself from using harmful substances and risky procedures, opting instead for an all natural solution to sagging facial muscles.

Are all facial exercise programs the same? No. Some exercise routines are twists, contourions and funny faces. The exercises that teach anchoring techniques performed wearing exercise gloves will target the atrophied muscles quickly. As muscles become stronger, your results last longer and longer. The process is easy and the results can be astonishing. Imagine a natural face lift in just minutes a day.

Resistance exercise has been proven to tone and lift muscles in the body. Isometric exercise that teachers resistance training for the face is highly effective and targets the entire face and neck – upper eyelids, the brow, upper cheeks, double chins, a lumpy jaw lines, a turkey neck and much more.

Restoring a youthful vitality to the face is safe and the results are long lasting.

If you see an old, tired face looking back at you, just know there is no reason to panic or to lament your misfortune. Facial exercise will help you look 5, 10 even 15 years younger without pain, drugs or anything harmful. All you have to do is slip on your exercise gloves, walk to your mirror and execute simple, easy-to-perform movements that will have you smiling in hardly any time at all.

Your friends and family will see the differences as you proudly wear your new face while you say goodbye to ‘old face days’ forever.

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