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A Synopsis on Rhinoplasty

A Synopsis on Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, the word has a Greek origin. Rhino means nose, and plasty means ‘in shape’. It is one of the commonly done procedures these days. This surgical nose job is performed by highly trained otolaryngologist, or a maxillofacial surgeon or a plastic surgeon. Rhinoplasty may be performed as a constructive surgery or for cosmetic purpose.

Reshaping the nose of an individual is done for functional purposes like breathing difficulty, or may be for aesthetic reasons. Today, many healthy people choose to get a nose job done, to gain confidence by looking better.

Before you set out to get a Rhinoplasty surgery done on yourself, there are a few points that need to be considered. Evaluate why you want to perform a surgery on yourself, and how much do you warn for that change. Are you visiting the right doctor and the right professional? Understand the pros and cons, and the risks involved before you make a decision.

Rhinoplasty for cosmetic purpose include increasing or decreasing nose size, changing the shape of your nostril, or altering the bridge of your nose, and even shaping the tip of your nose. The procedure in done in two ways, close approach and open approach. Depending on where the incision is made. The whole procedure of surgery takes just 2 hours approximately.

Suitable cage for undergoing rhinoplasty is minimum 15years. This is because before 15, the nasal bone is still not fully developed and still has to under go stability. Every patient who has decided to undergo a nose surgery should discuss with his / her surgeon the basic expectation and also the surgeon can discus the expected possible changes.

Check the cost of rhinoplastic surgery since different countries have different rates. Rates also change depending on the surgeon and the hospital. Inquire for the sum total cost including doctor’s fees, anesthetist’s fees, surgical costs, Rhinoplasty costs and extras that add up without knowledge. Furthermore, also inquire how many days of hospital stay required as it also adds up to the bill. There are many Nose surgery financing options available with long term and short term interest schemes.

A Nose job, like every other surgical procedure has risks. Post operative infection is common in such surgeries, side effects of anesthesia, or medicines are some of the common complaints. Beside, this surgery itself involves some risks, lie scars or red spots which could occur due to burst of capillaries. There are cases that need in revision surgery to correct the work done in the previous Rhinoplasty.

Post surgery, patients can expect swelling and bruising, and pain. A cold application is always helpful. Since every millimeter and slightest angle difference can make a big difference, rather drastic effect to the shape, always opt for a well trained and experienced surgeon who is proficient in his work.

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